Alias: Season 2 on Disney+

Alias (Season Two) picks up the pieces from where Alias (Season o­ne) ended. Of course, many of your questions will be answered while even more questions arise in this magnificent second season. Double secret agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) confronts her greatest challenge when she confronts her mother (Lena Olin). Sydney’s mother an enemy agent long considered dead reemerges and turns herself in to the custody of the CIA. Without giving away any more of the plot lines, rest assured that season two is even hotter and more twisted than season o­ne.  Watch all of the 22 brilliant episodes of season two, plus plenty of special features o­nly available o­n DVD.  This all-inclusive six-disc anthology will have you glued to your television from the first episode to the second season’s final juggernaut.

The television show’s plotlines continue to be fresh and entertaining while most TV shows often become predictable and stale after their first season. Alias remains immaculate and just as entertaining as ever. You can’t predict what will come next; of course, this type of unbalanced story-line is what viewers yearn for. Every episode exposes new pieces to puzzle, that may never get completely put together. It is precisely this type of compelling television that has millions glued to their TV sets o­n a weekly basis. What may appear to be an unimportant trivial side note from the previous season may become a pivotal event in an upcoming episode; so stay tuned and pay close attention.

The primary cast has remained more or less intact except for the inclusion of Lena Olin, who portrays Sidney Bistrow’s mother. Olin’s performances with Victor Garber are absolutely exhilarating. Secret agent Sidney Bistrow radiates as the multi-faceted character capable of superhuman feats mixed with genuine human emotions. Sidney is not another Bat Girl or Wonder Woman but rather a complex woman with a vulnerable side that viewers ultimately find charming. Victor Garber (Jack Bristow) also deserves to be praised for his realistic portrayal of Sidney’s dad. Jack emerges as a tactical, pokerfaced man.

Nevertheless underneath Jack’s façade resides an angst-ridden dad under pressure to preserve his family against anything that may come his way.  In season two it becomes evident that his love for Sidney is unwavering. The habitually evil Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin) also juggles dual personalities since a shred of humanity shines through every so often to surprise us. The commonality between all of the characters resides in the fact that they are all multi-sided individuals residing in a very far-fetched sci-fi television world. Of course, the invaluable supporting cast contributes immensely to the show as well, they include: Vaughn (Michael Vartan), Marshall (Kevin Weisman), Agent Dixon (Carl Lumbly), Mr. Sark (David Anders), Lauren Reed (Melissa George), and Eric Weiss (Greg Grunberg).  Special guests include: Quentin Tarantino, Terry O Quinn, and Faye Dunaway.

Another aspect of “Alias” that sets it apart from the rest is the show’s cinematography and special effects “tour de force.” The realistic chase scenes, implausible fights and aerial exploits keep this wonderful show fresh from o­ne season to the next. If you have not had a chance to watch Alias yet, be prepared for another reason to turn o­n your television.