After taking a swim in the waterfall, Raquel (award-winning actress Valentina Herszage) is intrigued by the strange sounds she hears coming from the lush forest surrounding her.

She wanders around to see where the troubling sounds are coming from and comes upon an abandoned house. What will she find there?

There is still time to catch the film virtually.

By Mariana Bastos
Starring Valentina Herszage (KILL ME PLEASE)
Global Presented by MUBI
2022 – Brazil – Drama – 1.85:1 – Color – 90 mins
In Portuguese with English subtitles
*World Premiere*
After losing her mother in tragic circumstances, Raquel (Valentina Herszage, KILL ME PLEASE), a religious teenager moves with her father to a small town in the Sao Paolo and Ribeirão regions of Brazil to start over. She makes quick friends with a group of evangelical girls from a local church and dives deep into her spirituality and the pain of her profound traumas. During her first days there, she experiences a mysterious spiritual awakening where she’s given an important and controversial mission involving the rewriting of the Bible. With support from some and resentment from others, Raquel tries hard to find balance within a disturbing spiral of faith, reason, and madness.