Last Week at SXSW – How Unlocking Authenticity Drives Business Growth, hosted by Detavio Samuels of Revolt TV and Deon Graham of Combs Enterprises

Last Wednesday, Sean “Diddy” Combs Executive team members, Detavio Samuels, CEO of REVOLT Media & TV and Deon Graham, Chief Brand Officer of Combs Enterprises, hosted a session at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas titled “How Unlocking Authenticity Drives Business Growth.” In this discussion, Samuels and Graham discussed how putting the people, the creators, and the culture first has contributed to the growth of Revolt, Combs Spirits, and the other business units under Combs Enterprises by uplifting voices from diverse communities. 

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“Most of the people in this room or the people watching can understand that the way culture has shifted and who’s digesting the content, who’s actually at the pulse of it, are getting more control now,” said Graham. “It’s beautiful to see that coming together which for me is what makes Revolt so important. For a long time we couldn’t find our voice, we didn’t know exactly where we fit in. Now that we take this culture first approach – the people behind the camera, the people creating the content, the talent – it just feels really authentic and it’s starting to be successful.”

Revolt Media and TV was started by Sean ‘Love’ Combs in 2013 and fits under his portfolio of businesses at Combs Enterprises. Revolt saw exponential growth over the past few years during the global pandemic with the introduction of ‘Revolt Black News,’ which aims to provide news and information to the community from black leaders in their respective fields. Other popular shows on the network include Verzuz, Drink Champs, Bet on Black, and Drip Report which have hosted prominent figures in the black community like Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, and Tyler Perry. 

“I think we’ve been pretty successful building a content strategy around talent first – we look at it more like a music label than we do a tv studio. Most tv studios find great stories that they want to tell and plug talent in, we find great talent that we want to uplift and celebrate, who’s voices we think need to be heard, we take them into the lab and we make shows with them,” said Samuels on Revolt’s business goals and content strategy. 

Other important topics covered during the session at SXSW included the success of Ciroc and DeLeon, staying current by planning for the Metaverse, forming authentic relationships in multi-cultural marketing, storytelling for social justice reform, the impact of black culture on a global scale, ensuring that women, particularly women of color, always have a seat at the table, and giving creative minds with different life paths – regardless of age, gender, or educational background – the chance to step up to leadership positions.

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