Unique pet stain/odour cleaning pods, laundry detergent sheets and starter kit among new line-up of offerings

Leading Canadian eco-friendly company KLIIN – well known for its reusable designer paper towels – continues to innovate with the launch of a range of new, Mother Earth-friendly housekeeping products, including unique laundry detergent sheets, cleaning bio-pods that remove pet stains and odours from all surfaces, including fabrics, and a first-of-its-kind starter kit.
Clean up after pets easily with new KLIIN bio-pods
With more than half of Canadian households owning a pet, combined with rising public eco-consciousness, KLIIN has launched two Twist & KLIIN Pet Bio-Pods in response to growing consumer demand for pet cleaning products that are hard on mess yet easy on the planet.
One is a powerful fabric and surface cleaner (almond blossom scent) and the other an odour absorber (unscented), the new all-natural concentrated bio-pods are the latest additions to KLIIN’s breakthrough line of Twist & KLIIN solutions, launched last spring.
Available as individual capsules, each recyclable pod is slightly larger than a wine cork in size, and simply screws onto the top of an empty, used cleaning spray bottle re-filled with 750-ml of water. Screwing the pod to the top of the bottle, with a quick shake, the pod’s contents dissolve instantly and the bottle of cleanser is ready to use. Traditional spray cleaners contain 70 to 90 percent water, which incurs unnecessary transportation, storage and merchandising costs and their associated carbon footprints. One truck of Twist & KLIIN carries the equivalent of 18 trucks of ready-to-use sprays and the pods take up a fraction of the storage space at home.

Twist & KLIIN Pet Bio-Pods use a breakthrough biotechnology formula to address cleaning issues that are difficult to solve with traditional chemistry. Made from enzymes or microorganisms that remain active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they leave a biofilm on the cleaned surfaces which continues to work even after you clean by removing decaying organic matter and preventing the accumulation of dirt without damaging surfaces.
Price: $6.99 for almond blossom fabric and surface cleaner and $9.99 for unscented odor absorber. Available at selected retailers or online at www.kliin.co.

Laundry detergent in sheets
Minimize waste and say goodbye to the hassle and mess of measuring liquid detergent with KLIIN’s innovative new, compact laundry detergent sheets. Measuring 14 X 11 centimetres (5 ½ X 4 ¼ inches) in size, each biodegradable sheet has a fresh scent and is effective in hot or cold water. Suitable for all types of washing machines and packed in a small, 20-sheet eco-friendly box – convenient for home use or travel – the sheets are free of parabens, phosphate, dye, bleach, and 1,4-dioxane. Use one sheet per load and tear a sheet in half for smaller loads.
Price: $9.99 per 20-sheet box. Available at selected retailers or online at https://en.kliin.co/products/detergent-a-lessive-biodegradable-en-feuilles-kliin.
KLIIN starter kit
KLIIN now offers an eco-friendly gift box starter set which includes three reusable spray bottles, three Twist & KLIIN pods, one roll of reusable paper towels (five sheets) and a large-format reusable designer paper towel. This unique kit is an ideal way to try out KLIIN’s breakthrough products and also makes for a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
Price: $59.99 per kit. Available at selected retailers or online at https://en.kliin.co/products/ensemble-de-depart-coffret-cadeau

Limited edition designer reusable paper towel styles
In an effort to infuse beauty and creativity into Canadians’ housekeeping routines, KLIIN has introduced a limited-edition collection of stunning new designer reusable paper towels, launched in collaboration with two Canadian artists – Mallorie Brack and Elizabeth Gartside. Combining Scandinavian influences, botanical illustrations and retro accents, their original creations apply minimalist treatment, clean lines and natural nuances to the collection of 19 illustrations in two colors (38 illustrations in total).
Widely popular since their launch in 2018, KLIIN reusable towels have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers who love their versatility and efficiency compared to paper towels. One compostable KLIIN towel is the equivalent of 17 rolls of traditional paper towels, biodegrades in 28 days, and holds up to 15 times its weight in water.
Price: $5.99 for small reusable towels (6.75″ X 8″) and $9.99 for large reusable towels (9.5″ X 10″). Available at selected retailers or online at www.kliin.co.
For more information, to order online or to find a retailer near you: http://www.kliin.co
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