À toi, je peux tout dire at théâtre Prospero from April 5

April 5-23, 2022

in the Intimate room of the Théâtre Prospero

The Théâtre du Réel presents:

À toi, je peux tout dire

The story of the sacred bond between a mother and her son

Text: Hugo Turgeon

Director: Gill Champagne

Scenography: Jean HazelNatasha Descôteaux and Jennifer Tremblay

Music: Jocelyn Pelichet

Stage manager: Hugues Fortin

With: Frédérike BédardIsabelle Drainville, Maxime Isabelle and Linda Laplante

The Théâtre du Réel, in collaboration with the Théâtre Prospero, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts presents À toi, je peux tout dire by Hugo Turgeon, directed by Gill Champagne. Inspired by the story of the author’s mother, this first production of the Théâtre du Réel brings together a solid and experienced cast, as well as an intergenerational production team firmly established in the cultural milieu.


On a beach, a highly charismatic woman, with a scathing repartee, taller and wider than all the frames and who does not bother with any filter, opens up to her son, her great love, about his life and his painful past. Behind her, her sister, her mother and her psychiatrist sometimes come to jostle her with memories.  À toi, je peux tout dire involves: intertwined tasty dialogues, touching monologues, and pieces for choirs that allow us to travel from one era to another, from 1940 to 2014. The play makes us revisit, with the prism of too much, love when it is rare, pure and unconditional.


The Théâtre du Réel is a new theatre company established in the Montreal landscape. Its mandate is to present theatrical creations exclusively inspired by lived events, where the author, also a narrator, plays a leading role in the story he tells. The Théâtre du Réel favours small rooms to optimise the spectator’s experience. In order to leave a maximum of space for the texts, the stagings are stripped down and suggestive.

Info and tickets : https://www.theatreprospero.com/programmation/pieces/a-toi-je-peux-tout-dire

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