Show Runs in English at Théâtre La Licorne April 1223
French translation with same cast follows from April 26–May 8

Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) returns with its first live theatre performance since 2020. Pipeline is a BTW production, co-presented by La Manufacture, in the first collaboration between BTW and Théâtre La Licorne. The hit off-Broadway play was written by acclaimed playwright Dominique Morisseau and is directed by ahdri zhina mandiela. Pipeline will be presented in English from April 12 to 23, and the French translation by Mishka Lavigne will be performed by the same bilingual cast from April 26 to May 8, 2022.

Pipeline refers to the sociological phenomenon described as a vicious circle of young people who are excluded from the school system quickly falling victim to this “school-to-prison pipeline” and being forced into the prison system. This play raises questions about the importance of education, identity, and more importantly parenting, discussing in-depth how equality of opportunity depends on social class and ethnicity.

Nya is a single mother who teaches at a public high school. As a devoted teacher who works hard for the success of her students, she’s convinced of the importance of a good education. Despite the difficult conditions, Nya strives for her teenage son, Omari, to succeed in a private school. The situation escalates when Omari sees himself involved in a serious incident that threatens his future. To solve matters, Nya must find a way to keep her enraged son in school, and more importantly, to remain connected to him.

‘’tho pipeline is a story set in new york state/USA, the heart wrenching reality is that dominique morisseau has deftly crafted a play which explores the emotional impact that accompanies a worldwide experience allowed to run amok and wreak havoc in the black diaspora for centuries!

I trust that this production, in applying its original English text and a highly deliberated ‘montrealese’ french translation, brings immediacy, proximity, and a potentially immersive playing for local audiences.

the intent is to open eyes and ears so we collectively and individually experience Morisseau’s tracking of her black mother’s plea to the world… when nya, a mother and public high school teacher pleads for space wherein her son can actually live; when she says ‘… don’t lock away what he can become’, she speaks for millions over eons.

are each of us willing to do our part to ease the institutional pressures we inadvertently and deliberately feed daily by ignoring or punishing a debilitating rage that we create?!?’’
  –  ahdri zhina mandiela (Director, Pipeline)


Xavier – Jean Bernard
Nya – Jenny Brizard
Jasmine – Gloria Mampuya
Laurie – Anie Pascale
Dun – Schubert Pierre-Louis
Omari – Grégory Yves

Playwright – Dominique Morisseau
Director – ahdri zhina mandiela
Associate Director – Tamara Brown
Set & Costume Design – Nalo Soyini Bruce
Lighting Design – Tim Rodrigues
Sound Design – Elena Stoodley
Video Design – Potato Cakes Digital

Théâtre La Licorne
4559 Ave. Papineau, H2H 1V4