Over the past two years we have all taken to relying on deliveries. Deliveries of food, groceries and goods. Relying on ordering things online more than ever due to the pandemic and lockdowns. As such dozens of delivery people have come to our houses, condos and apartments. It was not until I watched co-directors Colton Eschief Mastro and Eric Jackowitz that it even dawned on me that by doing so, you are putting yourself into a vulnerable position. Opening your door to strangers. People we don’t really know anything about. After watching the 26 minutes of Delivery, I am going to think about it.

Food delivery guy Charlie (Colton Eschief Mastro) has an unusual (Thank God!) hobby and his job helps him out with it. Making deliveries to different houses and people, Charlie comes in contact with a lot of people. He uses these encounters to select people to engage in his “hobby” with. See, Charlie is a serial killer. He selects his next victim from the people he delivers to.

Here he makes a delivery to Madison (Jessie Gill – from television’s Saturday Night Live) and begins studying his victim. Learning what Madison like and where she spends her time, Charlie manufactures a meeting along with the chance to connect via liking similar things to Madison (Harry Potter). Basically, he is like an animal stalking its prey.

This time he has misjudged. Madison is not like his other victims and that leads to unexpected turns of events for Charlie.

The film, which is like a mish mash of different film genres, is a quirky affair. It moves between creepy to strange to actually amusing. You have to be willing to go along on the wild ride. If you are game, then the payoff will come. It is an interesting and cheeky short film.