The return of an
international and summer program

After two hybrid editions, those behind Mutek were close to an ecstatic state when they announced the return of a  23rd fully international edition from August 23 to 28, 2022 in Montreal.

You can discover the 25 first artists from all over the world who make up a program that is as eclectic as it is inspiring and who will illuminate several places in the Quartier des spectacles with their talent for six days and six nights.

Among the selection, the British Koreless and Loraine James as well as the Canadian Aquarian will offer live performances in the Canadian premiere in the spirit of their recent critically acclaimed productions while you will be able to find with joy the Italian composer Caterina Barbieri and the Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske.

Indonesian sensation Gabber Modus Operandi promises an explosive multi-sensory evening, as do artists Deena Abdelwahed and Azu Tiwaline who brilliantly fuse the electronic and traditional sounds of North Africa. 

Pianist and vocalist Marina Herlop, the experimental folk duo Tarta Relena and committed creator-producer Cora Novoa will celebrate 25 years of cooperation between Catalonia and Quebec. The European initiative Keychange will also make it possible to welcome three musicians this year: Efe Ce Ele, Liliane Chlela and Sissel Wincent

And for our greatest satisfaction, Mutek invited for the first time in Montreal the English producer Luke Slater and his techno project Planetary Assault Systems while the Ecuadorian musician Nicola Cruz will certainly share a tropical heat, on stage and among the public, as during his remarkable set in 2019 for the 20th anniversary of the Festival.

Of course, many surprises still await you in the coming weeks. Local and national programming will complement new additions to the 2022 international vintage. MUTEK Forum, the professional component of the Festival and its market will also be held alongside the night activities from August 23 to 26, 2022.

The 2022 musical selection
Escape for just over two hours with a sound sample of the fertile universe of our first 25 artists.
And by adding Mutek’s Spotify playlist to your favourites, you’ll be able to listen to the entire lineup as they’ll add excerpts to it after each announcement.