Project Gemini – Blu-ray Edition

This planet breaking down and being uninhabitable for humans has become more and more of an issue over the past decade or so. Unless we make a big change in our living habits this might become a reality soon. So this theme of us finding another planet to live on keeps coming up again and again in films. Here is another one.

Project Gemini is a film about humans having destroyed the resources on the planet. Resources we need to survive. The only option left for humans is to find another planet to live on. So naturally, they turn to other parts of the galaxy. While the search is on, humans don’t realize they are being watched. Watched by another species from another planet. Another species that has its own ideas of what should be done with this new planet.

As the humans are out scouting new locations these other beings are laying in wait for them. The humans do not know what is about to happen.

While the film looks great that is pretty much the only highlight to be found. Acting is poor to downright terrible. At times there was nothing onscreen that I could identify as human emotion. Almost like the humans were acting like robots. Part of this is due to the fact that the dialogue is soooo cheesy. Not even Meryl Streep would come off looking good in this situation.