Yumi Organics: New Line with Added Probiotics

The deal is in the bag: probiotics are invited to Yumi Organics

It’s no secret that diet is a key factor in maintaining good health. At a time when mental and physical health disorders are skyrocketing, the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits is taking on an unprecedented importance. Montreal-based Yumi Organics, known for its unique offer of refrigerated groats, unpacks new snacks and non-refrigerated superfoods with added probiotics. This exclusive range, which includes 3 blends of nuts as well as chia and flax seeds, is the ideal alternative to look good, from head to toe.

With their physical and mental health benefits widely demonstrated by science, probiotics are a great option for keeping yourself healthy. By optimizing the functioning of the microbiota, probiotics contribute to the absorption of nutrients, thus promoting a better immune response. They also help regulate our mood by producing dopamine, melatonin and serotonin, hormones and neurotransmitters associated with well-being. “We are what we eat. We must not underestimate the impact of our diet on our state of health. This is what inspires our team of dietitians to develop snacks that help maintain better overall health,” said Yumi Organics founder and dietitian Zoey Li.

Snacks on the go par excellence, Yumi Organics nut blends contain more than a billion probiotics per 50g serving. They are available in three decadent versions: Crunchy Pecans-Maple, Walnut-Dark Chocolate and Keto Blend. The chia seeds and ground flaxseeds that complete this range contain more than one billion probiotics per 15g serving. They can be sprinkled on yogurt, oatmeal and smoothies, or integrated into muffin preparations and other recipes to enhance their nutritional value.
Yumi Organics products with added probiotics are available online now and will hit the shelves soon.

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