Montreal-based rapper Kareem will release a new single “Télé-Réalité” accompanied by an official music video at the end of April.

A Montreal rapper of Moroccan origin, Kareem arrived on the French hip-hop scene at the age of 15 with his very first group No Self Control. Since then, he has appeared on stage with multiple collaborators including the likes of Eva Avila. In addition to having released 3 albums over the last 15 years, he reached the semi-finals of the Hip Hop 4 Ever contest over two consecutive years and has participated twice in the show Le Garage, broadcast on Radio-Canada and ARTV. In October 2020, he released the single “Osiris“.

Kareem is a rapper with an endearing and personable voice. In 2021, he released the single and music video for “Mea Culpa“, a song about the root causes of suicide. The track was intended to address mental health during the confinement period. He then followed up with “Porcelaine“, which told the next chapter of his story.

Kareem now announces his return with the song “Télé-Réalité“. The melancholic single follows his appearance on the reality show “5 gars pour moi” (TVA). It will be accompanied by an official music video with a unique texture in which the rapper shares with us what he calls his “lucid poetry”, which takes a look at society’s current ills like racism, politics and ephemeral success.