Often horror films involve some kind of fight for survival, especially when there is a supernatural element. Here, the makers of the film stick to that type of formula. Along with throwing in a remote location, a couple away on a search, an ancient prophecy, and a cult being involved in the end of the world and you get the formula for some scares. But sometimes one plus one does not equal a good film.

Everything here is kinda paint by numbers in that there is little originality going on. As a result, even a horror fan might struggle staying interested in the goings on. Plus too much stillness.

Not only dragged down because of the recycling of ideas from other horror films but because either nothing is happening or it takes too long. Director Rich Ragsdale seems convinced that injecting a doomsday cult here is all it takes. Most (especially those who watch the film) will disagree with him.

All is not totally lost here as it does look good. Plenty of visual style to enjoy. And there is a creepy atmosphere established at times. But the list of pluses is very short.

Special Features:

-Behind the Scenes (The Birthing, The Look, The Score)

-Director’s Commentary

-The Loop (short film)