The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On – Episodes 1-8 on Netflix

From those behind the Netflix series Love is Blind comes another couple/love reality show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on. The first eight episodes of the show are available now to binge watch.

This time we are not with people who have not met, but with couples who have been dating for a long time. Long enough for one half to give their partner an ultimatum. The ultimatum basically being marry me or I will move on. On top of the ultimatum, the six couples are now taking part in this reality show. The premise is that they will essentially “break up” and then find a person they think they could fall from within the other couples, live together as trial husband and wife for three weeks then get back together with their original partner and live together for three weeks. At the end of all this, the person who had been given the ultimatum has a decision to make. Get engaged with their original partner, split up for good or try a new relationship with their trial husband or wife. Got that? Good! Now here comes the review…

At first glance, the situation or ultimatum is something many out there can relate to. Many relationships end up at a crossroads where one is ready to commit while the other is a little hesitant. But this reality show takes it way beyond that. I have to say that this series went very quickly from normal to strange.

Hosted by the Love is Blind husband and wife duo of Nick and Vanessa Lachey, things get going rather quickly here. After one dinner when Vanessa and Nick get a little background on the couples (all based in Austin, Texas). Down and dirty style, we learn all about Lauren and Nate, Hunter and Alexis, Zay and Rae, Randall and Shanique, April and Jake, and finally, Colby and Madlyn. Right away you can pick out the emotionals (April) and the crazies (Colby and Alexis). Drama ignites pretty much right from the get go.

After all that is talked about around the table the speed dating or trying to figure out quickly who you might be compatible with from amongst the other couples, we end up with two couples being eliminated (figure that out on your own!) and four moving forward. Here is where it gets really awkward. As you have to kinda watch your partner date/live with someone else while yourself adjusting to life with someone new for the first time in a long time. It is a little bit crazy.

And speaking of crazy it brings out the crazy in pretty much all eight who are left. All of them go through ups and downs in a very short period. Fights, misunderstandings, jealousy, chemistry, tears, and drunkenness all happen. Sometimes you will find yourself just shaking your head while watching. Other times you will be confused about who was dating who originally. While sometimes you will be disgusted by what was just said or what you just watched.

Not sure that all the personal growth the series claims to provoke actually happened, but, hey, without all the drama would you spend hours watching a series like this? I think not!