Here the best day becomes the worst. Things become even worse when you have to live the day over and over again. Unlike Groundhog Day, 6:45 is not a comedy, rather it is a horror film. A man goes on a vacation to a small town with his fiancee. Once there the place is deserted. They are the only ones there. That is just the beginning of the strangeness. And the strangeness becomes downright terror and life threatening danger.

Then they are killed but that is not the end of things as they have to relive the day over and over. The only one who seems aware of it is the man. So it will be up to him to try and put a halt to it all.

Now, it seems like this is the perfect setup for a horror film. Deaths happening again and again. Allows for some creativity in regards to the deaths. Plus the fun storyline of reliving the same day over and over. Point I am trying to make is that the foundation for a fun horror film seems to be there. Yet the ball is dropped. Not only dropped but fumbled and punted off the entire field.

Wasted promise. The script here is rather awful. Lots of things happen that make little to no sense. Plus the fact that, for some strange reason, there is no attempt to cash in on the Groundhog Day aspect. I mean…why wouldn’t you? It seems to me the key component of the film. That plus the fact that precious little adrenaline or tempo is built up, so the film really drags. Not a formula that makes for a successful horror film.