It’s hard not to do what you love. Kim Ho, born in Montreal, knows that all too well. In 2012, he was having a blast trotting the globe while fronting his alt-dance pop band, Creature. Nominated for a JUNO Award, the band recorded their second album in London with a big time American producer, only for the label to decide not to release it.

Kim unveils his self-titled debut album under the name Apollo Lovely on June 10, 2022. Combining the old school soul and R&B that Kim loved as a kid, with his previous band’s pop sensibility, Apollo Lovely is the cool older brother; smoother, and just a little more laid back. The music has an upbeat and sultry swagger that is perhaps a reflection of Kim’s newfound confidence and freedom as an independent artist.

The latest single, “Next To You, is about the protagonist sitting next to the beautiful woman initially spotted across the room in a crowded bar, hitting it off and falling head over heels. But, this is a fantasy, later revealed to be an imagined love which can sometimes feel just as real.

“Next To You”