DAMASCUS DREAMS directed by Émilie Serri opened in Quebec on April 8. Presented as a world premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR) and at the 50th edition of the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) last autumn, DAMASCUS DREAMS was awarded the International Critics’ Award – FIPRESCI following its presentation at the FNC. 

An initiatory story reinvented, Damascus Dreams tells the quest of Emilie, a filmmaker in search of an inaccessible country of origin. By interweaving the memory of her father, that of Syrian refugees and her own imagination, Émilie composes a country that lies somewhere between myth and reality, dream and nightmare, past and present.

With  DAMASCUS DREAMS, Émilie Serribrosses the story of a personal quest while offering a broader look at the memories and dreams of refugees, those they choose to take or leave behind. Through archival videos and testimonies, the director unveils a poetic documentary in which she connects the memories of displaced people to her own family history.