CSI: Vegas – Season 1

I think Vegas, and not NYC, has become the city that doesn’t sleep. So it makes sense that a lot of crime happens in Vegas. Furthermore, that translates into an edition of the television franchise, CSI, being set there. 2021 saw CSI: Vegas being added to the list.

For longtime fans of the series there are a couple of familiar faces to go along with all the new ones. Jorja Fox is back as Sara Sidle and William Peterson returns as Gil Grissom. Though don’t expect a ton of screen time for them. Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon are the new regulars. The ten episodes of season one are all on this DVD.

The whole CSI crime lab finds itself under threat. It is going to take all the brilliance on the team along with a couple of new additions to save things. the format will be recognizable to fans of CSI and for others, it is a bunch of smart people using science to capture criminals or put a halt to threats.

The cool techniques of forensics are on full display here. the combination of that and the interesting characters makes this series as watchable as the other ones in the CSI stable. I mean, this is not a series that is going to change your outlook on life. Rather it is one you can watch at any time of day if you just want to watch something you can catch onto very quickly akin to a Law & Order or NCIS. A solid popcorn show.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Three Bonus Featurettes

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