The next film in the docuseries  

is available NOW on YouTube and’s “The Garage”

 For a Young Female Scientist, Climate Action Started In Her Garage

The new short film, GENERATION IMPACT: THE SCIENTIST, is the next film in the Generation Impact series, which follows brilliant Gen Z inventors who use technology to make the world a better place. Just in time for Earth Day, the video series from Garage by HP puts young people at the forefront of creating a more equitable world through their inspiring inventions.

In THE SCIENTIST, we follow Emily Tianshi, a young woman striving to raise awareness of and create solutions for the global water crisis. At age 13, Tianshi transformed her garage into a lab to research San Diego’s iconic Torrey Pine and uncovered how the tree’s unique needle structure enabled its survival through years of severe drought in California. Using a $20 microscope, Lego, and various household items, she developed a prototype to harvest atmospheric moisture, research that has the potential to help produce water in areas of severe drought.  

Tianshi, now a college freshman, has applied for a patent on the device she created and is also the founder of Clearwater Innovation, an advocacy program that encourages student innovation to solve environmental problems. 

GENERATION IMPACT: THE SCIENTIST is directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal. It is produced by Culture House, a Black, Brown and women-owned full-service production company and cultural consultancy. 

“Emily Tianshi is one of the next generation of scientists seeking creative and imaginative solutions to combat our current climate crisis,” said director Wang-Breal. “It was truly inspiring to watch Emily and document her groundbreaking discoveries in the Torrey Pine State Park. Her work will not just help drought-ridden geographical regions and populations, but it will also encourage other young boys and girls to start their own garage labs so they can create real change in their communities.”

Funded by The Garage by HP, the third film in the series, GENERATION IMPACT: THE SCIENTIST, is available now on’s digital hub, the Garage ( and YouTube.