Announcing the theatrical release of MES TRÈS CHERS ENFANTS directed by Alexandra Leclère on April 22nd. This family comedy stars Josiane Balasko alongside her daughter Marilou Berry (Nos jours heureux), also Didier Bourdon and Cédric Ben Abdallah (Les Invincibles).

Chantal and Christian live a peaceful retirement. But since their children Sandrine and Stéphane left the nest, they do not get much news. Opportunities to get together as a family are becoming increasingly rare… When the offspring announce that they will not come to celebrate Christmas, it is too much for Chantal and Christian! They then decide to make them believe that they have hit the jackpot. A desperate attempt to bring them back and a lie that could cost them dearly.

Alexandra Leclère is used to placing the love of family at the heart of her films. Thus, for her sixth feature film, she wants to talk about parent-child relationships. For this film, the director reunites with Didier Bourdon, whom she has already directed three times. Absurd and original situations follow one another thanks to the touching nature of the different characters.