The Godfather Buck

It is easy to make fun of soap operas and by extension, those who act in them. Low hanging fruit really. That is until you realize that some pretty good actors/actresses started off in soap operas. Examples like Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DeCaprio, Morgan Freeman, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, James Earl Jones, Robin Wright, and Michael B. Jordan. I am sure there are more, but one name you cannot add to the list is that of Kyle Lowder. Lowder stars on Days of Our Lives. Now, admittedly I have never seen him on the soap, but if his acting here is any indication…

The premise is two adult brothers get together once a year at a remote family home in the woods in Big Bear to go hunting. They seem like your typical siblings until you realize that there is something more going on. That is confirmed when stepbrother Andrew (Indar Smith – appeared in an episode of 13 Reasons Why) shows up unexpectedly. Family secrets begin to spill out.

From the get-go older brother Dan’s (Frederick Keeve – appeared in episodes of Westworld and Masters of Sex) racist, sexist and basic caveman-like demeanour is so off-putting that I could not really get into the film. Total turnoff! Even though I was aware it was a plot device to get into what the story was really about, I did not care. The script is so heavy-handed and the acting so wooden there was nothing to cling to here in Thomas J. Churchill’s (The Amityville Rising, The Step Daddy) film.

Though I do know that there are people like Dan in this world, it still does not make the film believable in any way. There was a possibility of using the same story and making something worth a viewer’s time, but this isn’t it.

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