They might be older but the crazy has not left the Jackass gang. They even have recruited some new, younger members to the Jackass gang. The pranks and stunts are just as stupid and risky as ever.

What you get here is what you have come to expect from Jackass. It is like the 11 years between films have not even passed. They are up to the same nonsense. Things that no sane person would attempt. Lots of attempts at provoking laughs via someone getting nailed in the balls. This happens over and over. Different ways – boxer, a show launched by a spring, a softball and even a snake and bees. Besides the getting something in the nuts there is also plenty of male nudity. Gets to be a little bit much after a while. But still, you will find yourself laughing.

The friends are back together again and how they celebrate is by getting up to the kind of stunts and pranks which made them famous. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna are joined by Rachel Wolfson, Davon Wilson and a few other new faces. Plus there are appearances by Spike Jonze, Alia Shawkat, Tyler the Creator, Rob Dyrdek, P.K. Subban, Machine Gun Kelly, and Tony Hawk.

What has always puzzled me is the fact that Spike Jonze is involved in Jackass. The man behind films like Her, Being John Malkovich and Where the Wild Things Are. Not sure how Jackass fits in exactly, but he has been there for a long time. Maybe he is the “brains” behind it all…

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Deleted scenes:
    • Fire Extinguisher (2 minutes)
    • Wee Man throws Zach under the bus (1 minute)
    • Telephone Pole (Susan (4 minutes)
    • Telephone Pole (Millie) (2 minutes)
    • Telephone Pole (A.D.) (2 minutes)
    • Tarantula Bite (3 minutes0
    • Face your rear (3 minutes)
    • Dark Shark & The Bear (4 minutes)
    • Fire in the hole (3 minutes)
    • Broke Zach Mountain (2 minutes)
    • Virtual Reality (2 minutes)
    • Plug and Arrow (1 minute)
    • Freakaway (2 minutes)
    • Soccer Ball Surprise (2 minutes)
    • Poppies only wipes twice (1 minute)
    • Toilet Geyser (2 minutes)
  • Original trailer