The 16th edition of OFFTA, a festival of performing arts, will be held from May 27 to June 5, 2022. An invitation to discover dazzling works put forward by the new generation of interdisciplinary artists.

This year, OFFTA returns to its (re)materialized form, like a breath of spring air that will allow the public to reconnect with the effervescence of festival life. The festival’s programming offers a series of indoor and outdoor performances across different neighbourhoods of Montreal, investing not only in the city’s theatres, but also in its libraries, telephone booths and wooded areas.

This OFFTA hatches, blooms, is shared. It is a plural and generous landscape, full of food.

This (very) long winter has simmered us with bright and bursting blooms. The works around which we will gather have matured in this fluctuating context, between dazzling and pitfalls.

Some are full of defiant power, hope, while others have found the strength to look at the awful, the monstrous and the unacceptable. Head on. Still others have simply gone on whimsical runs, mouths open to drunkenness.

Some have long fermented their desire to be shared, others will launch for the first time in front of you, fresh and green. The cycles were not the same for each of them, but the vertigo of the encounter is shared.

May this feast be impetuous, indocile and supportive!

– Excerpt from the editorial Présent élargi, written by
Claudel Doucet, Artistic Director and Co-General Manager and the entire festival team


Joshua Sofaer and Marion Leeper and Stéphane Maddix Albert and Kamini Ramachandran, Aurélie Pedron | Lilith & Cie, Nate Yaffe, Guillaume Saindon | 2359, Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux, Collectif Tôle, Katia-Marie Germain, Camille Paré-Poirier, Kama La Mackerel, Rachelle Bourget, Audrée Juteau and N. Zoey Gauld and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus | Appendix A, Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes, Mohammadreza Akrami, JJ Houle and Charles Voyer | Independent Theatre, Caroline Gravel, Odile Gamache, Emile Pineault, Safia Nolin and Maryse Goudreau

See the full program here


Always in a desire to improve the accessibility of the festival, OFFTA reiterates its philanthropic model of solidarity passes set up in the pandemic context. This initiative expands access to the festival while promoting a collective rather than an individual approach. Public participation demonstrates the commitment to OFFTA and the artists presented there, since 1/3 of the ticketing revenues will be given to the artists.

Starting April 21, festival-goers will be able to purchase one of the four passes giving access to the entire festival: the accessible at $30 and then the solidarity at $50 (donation of $20), $70 (donation of $40) and $90 (donation of $60). With the Early Bird, the pass will allow from April 21 to reserve tickets for the shows Bedtime Stories, Invisible, faith hole, HéTéROTOPIAS – Espèces Inconnues, and Feu de forêt. From May 3rd, reservations will be possible for the entire program with the pass.