The Mole Agent @ Hot Docs

This documentary film from Chile, directed and written by Maite Alberdi (I’m Not From Here, La Once), is called The Mole Agent. A kind of senior citizen-driven spy film. Not kidding. It is fun and will take your mind off the world today, for a little while anyway.

With their mother in a retirement home, her family’s worries have not ended. Actually, they have just begun as they believe that she is not being treated well at the home she is in. In order to get to the bottom of what is going on there, they hire a private investigator named Romulo.

In turn, he realizes the best way to find out the truth is to send someone in there undercover. That means he needs a senior to go in there. After a series of interviews, the investigator settles on Sergio Chamy. After a short training and a cover story, he is sent into the home as a resident.

While the 83-year-old Sergio is not very tech savvy, he does know how to get close to people. While trying to dig up the dirt, Sergio finds himself tangled up in the lives of the residents which impedes his ability to do what he has been tasked to.

He is able to get close to Sonia, the woman whose family hired him. What he does discover is that her daughter, who claims to be so worried about her mother, never visits her and there is a thief in the home.

A cool hybrid film. It is part documentary, part drama. All along you waver between wondering how many are in with what is going on and falling completely in love with many of the older characters.

Alberdi has told those at the retirement home that he is filming a documentary on old age. As such he can be everywhere. Along with his camera. This allows a lot of cool moments to be captured.

While the film is part spy film even with its share of gadgets what really leaves its mark are the seniors. They are absolutely adorable. The friendships they forge. The way they try to overcome whatever ails them. Like life itself, the film involves all kinds of emotions – happiness, sadness, heartbreak, and laughter. Human connection for the victory.