Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille @ Hot Docs

Bernie Langille was named after his grandfather. Problem is his grandfather died before Bernie was born, so he knows very little about him. What starts off as a natural curiousity to find out who his grandfather was, eventually grows into this short film (18 minutes) which is is complete with meticulously constructed miniatures.

In the winter of 1968 Bernie Langille was found dead in his bed. Fifty years later his grandson, Bernie, who was named after him decides to find out how Grandpa Bernie died. The circumstances around the death are a combination of mysterious, suspicious and unclear. To get to the bottom of this Bernie turns to forensic experts, people who knew his grandfather and his own family.

This is not your typical short documentary in that it involves interviews or archival footage and old photos. Director Jackie Torrens (My Week on Welfare, Edge of East) uses very detailed miniatures and sets in order to reconstruct the story of what could have happened leading up to the night of Grandpa Bernie’s death.

Following the story of Grandpa Bernie’s death is quite a task. It involves so many possibilities, twists and turns and unknowns. One theory that is considered involves Agent Orange. I mean, that is how way out there this is. Obsessively Bernie Langille tries to find out the truth. All this makes the short a really interesting watch and one you don’t come across everyday.

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