The #1 Productivity App Releases New Feature

Stay focused and be present with the Forest App that has recently collaborated with TinyTAN to launch its newest feature. The productivity app that allows you to build a virtual forest and stay focused on your work, can now grow TinyTAN character trees!
Forest is the top productivity and focus app in 136 countries/regions with 40 million users worldwide. The addition of loveable BTS character TinyTAN adds a new entertaining component to the app and helps to encourage time management habits. It works by allowing users to choose to put down their phone and close out of social media apps and instead, stay focused on the task at hand by planting a TinyTAN character tree in the app. While the users focus on schoolwork or another project they have been putting off, users can watch their TinyTAN character tree grow over time and ultimately bloom with the birth flower of the BTS character TinyTAN. If users can’t resist the temptation to open other apps on their phones, the flowers will begin to wither away. By planting more TinyTAN character trees, users can create their unique TinyTAN forest that brings their efforts to life. This exciting new feature has a goal to push users to continue working during each focus session and gradually create long-term habits. “We never stop helping people get a better life using the power of technology. With the support from their favourite band’s characters, users will have a strong inner motivation that, we believe, can drive them to become a better self,” says the CEO of Seekrtech, Marcus.

The app has donated more than 1 million real trees through Trees for the Future and will continue doing so in this collaboration by donating 1 real tree when 1 TinyTAN character tree is sold. When users spend virtual coins they earn in Forest on planting real trees, the Forest team donates to Trees for the Future.

The Forest app is available for $3.99 and available for Apple and Google Play.