Montréal au Sommet de la nuit 2022

Another night is possible

May 18-22

Open mic, workshops and conferences to rethink the Montreal night

For this new edition, which aims to position Montréal as a flagship city of night governance, Montréal au Sommet de la nuit takes place at La Tulipe and the Monument-National, two emblematic places of the metropolis, in order to rethink our relationship with the night and its economy. On May 18, the MTL 24/24 Night Council invites the public to take part in its Open Microphone, an evening of citizen participation, at La Tulipe, to share testimonies about the Montreal night and its issues. Then, on May 19 and 20, more than two hundred participants and decision-makers of the nocturnal economy from here and elsewhere, will be invited to the Monument-National for a series of conferences dedicated to the night.

A series of lectures at the Monument-National

The day after the Open Mic, Montréal au Sommet de la nuit will bring together nightlife stakeholders at the Monument National for a series of conferences and workshops. Health, urban planning, economy, environment, culture, security, academic research, diversity and inclusion, tourism, and community involvement will be at the centre of the major themes addressed. For the occasion, the Monument-National will see several leading figures from the world of the night economy of the Montreal and international scene who will speak as speakers. Among the first names announced is John “Jammin” Collins, a member of Detroit’s legendary Underground Resistance label and curator of Exhibit 3000, Detroit’s museum dedicated to techno music.

Also in attendance will be Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova, founders of House of Yes, a New York-based creative collective that has an eponymous venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The public will also be able to meet Mirik Milanformer mayor of the night of Amsterdam and founder of the international movement of mayors of the night. Mirik Milan has been instrumental in transforming Amsterdam’s nightlife scene: under his governance, the city has put in place a permit for cultural venues to remain open 24 hours without interruption. His role as mayor of the night has been replicated in New York, Paris and London.

Also to be mentioned is the presence of Virginie Maillard, Artistic Director of the Pierrots de la nuit: the Parisian organization that carries out mediation and advisory actions in Paris, to prevent noise pollution around nightlife places (restaurants, bars, clubs, concert halls, festivals). Committed to a process of living in harmony together, they raise awareness among night owls through innovative artistic interventions aimed at maintaining a nocturnal activity in Paris while limiting its impact on the environment.

Open Mic at La Tulipe

The kick-off of this next edition of Montreal au Sommet de la nuit will happen on May 18 at the Tulipe with an Open Mic Night. Presented by the MTL Night Council 24/24, the event is an exceptional forum where citizens of Montreal are invited to testify in order to shape together the Montreal nights of tomorrow. Held in a room whose cultural history dates back more than a century, the venue for this discussion is particularly relevant given the recent challenges that La Tulipe has faced due to residential noise complaints. All are invited to speak and discuss their relationship to the night and the metropolis: the Open Mic is a space of expression in which the diversity that characterizes Montreal can be expressed.

Ticket office

Tickets for the two-day conference are available now for $75 (+ taxes and service fees) at the following link.

Citizens· those wishing to participate in the Open Mic will also be able to purchase, from April 11, their place at the price of $10 (+ taxes and service fees) at the ticket office of La Tulipe.