The 1987 sequel to the incredibly popular Eddie Murphy film, Beverly Hills Cop. 35 years later it is a little dated (things are done and said here that would not pass today), but there are still enough laughs to be found to make it a worthwhile watch. Though be warned, like many sequels, it is not as enjoyable as the first film.

This is a fish out of water cop comedy with a Detroit cop played Murphy going undercover on a personal case in Beverly Hills. Needless to say, Axel Foley sticks out like a sore thumb which is not something you want to do while undercover. Still, the international arms smugglers who he has targeted better watch out as, in the end, Foley usually gets his man.

Though this is a cop movie, the jokes come at a faster pace than the action scenes. I mean, it is an Eddie Murphy film after all. This is full of Murphy-style humour. Fast paced wiseass cracks one after another. Plus that highly identifiable laugh.

The story is rather straightforward and easy to follow. It really isn’t the important part. The raison d’etre of the entire Beverly Hills Cop series is to make the viewer laugh. You will, that is a given with Murphy. Think of the film as the 80s version of a film like Bad Boys. Directed by Tony Scott you know the action is going to be there and be of an acceptable level of quality.

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