Release Date: June 10, 2022
Directed/Written by: Christopher Winterbauer 
Produced by: Helen Estabrook 
Starring: Theo Taplitz, Lulu Wilson, Azure Brandi, Sosie Bacon, Natasha Rothwell, Tommy Dewey, Dan Bakkedahl, Rosemarie DeWitt

Set in a mid-90’s alternate reality, the Whitners are a strange family dealing with the aftermath of the death of their oldest son, Dylan. Mrs. Whitner is off on a thousand-mile trail trek and Mr. Whitner spends most of his time at work or in the bathroom, and twins, Myrcella and Wyrm, are basically being raised by their Uncle Chet. The twins also happen to be the last two in their grade to pass the Level One sexuality requirement: a school-mandated program enforced by electronic collars that detach when the wearer kisses someone. But when Myrcella makes out with the foreign exchange student, it leaves poor Wyrm as the lone kid waiting to pop his collar. And due to the rules of the No Child Left Alone program, he must pop it soon to move on to the next grade. Desperate and running out of time, Wyrm tries everything in his power to get that kiss, move on, and grow up.