For this third edition, entitled Interrègnes, to be held July 31- October 30, 2022, the Triennale Banlieue ! looks at the existence of nature in suburban territory, exploring the dynamics that link human habitats with natural ecosystems. This unique event—composed of a group exhibition of contemporary art curated by Marie Perrault, with the contribution of co-curator and geographer Yan Romanesky—will bring together artists or artist duos from Québec, elsewhere in Canada and France whose works echo nature’s place in North American suburbs:

Sophie Aubry (Montréal, QC) / Michael Belmore (Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON) / Ludovic Boney (Lévis, QC) / Marie Côté (Montréal, QC) / Marie-Suzanne Désilets (Montréal, QC) / Nicolas Grenier (Montréal, QC) / Marilou Lemmens et Richard Ibghy (Durham-Sud, QC) / Catherine Lescarbeau (Gatineau, QC) / Deborah Margo (Ottawa, ON) / Louise Noguchi (Toronto, ON) / Steven Orner (Montréal, QC, New York, É.-U.) / Graeme Patterson (Sackville, N-B) / Boris Pintado (Montréal, QC) / Ariane Plante (Montréal, QC) / Ross Racine (Montréal, QC) / Eugenia Reznik (Longueuil, QC) / Andreas Rutkauskas (Kelowna, C-B) / Scenocosme (Lyon, FRANCE) / Lisa Sfriso (Laval, QC)

New this year, the exhibition and the program of activities are enhanced by a scientific component, thanks to the contribution of various specialists brought together by geographer and co-curator Yan Romanesky. This third edition, therefore, focuses on the connection between visual arts, geography, biology and urban planning, with the contribution of Anaïs Boutin, biologist; Louis Tremblay, physical geographer; Samuel Descôteaux-Fréchette, urban planner and Antonius Petro, biologist.

The Triennale Banlieue! Interrègnes will take place at the Maison des arts de Laval as well as at Éco-Nature/Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, the Centre de la nature, the Centre Laval and the Théâtre du bout de l’île as well as at Henri-Dunant, Des Coccinelles and Chopin parks. More than thirty free activities will be held there. Creative moments, discussions, performances, tours and workshops are offered by the curators, artists, scientists and the team of the Salle Alfred-Pellan in the Maison des arts de Laval. The program of activities for this edition is based on the experience of nature in the suburbs and encourages residents’ encounters with projects that value creation and commitment.


1:30 p.m./Opening round table/General public/Inner courtyard

In the company of principal curator Marie Perrault, co-curator Yan Romanesky and artists, the public is invited to take part in a discussion on the Interrègnes theme and the works that have been inspired by the dynamics that link the human habitat and natural ecosystems by exploring the imaginary, wild, domesticated and transforming spaces of the suburbs.
3 p.m. Inauguration/Salle Alfred-Pellan
3:30 p.m. Écouter le champ des racines (Listening to the field of roots)/General public/Front square

At what point do we put down roots in a territory? We will hear the audio testimonies of Laval residents who shared their stories with Eugenia Reznik, while discovering the symbolism of the potatoes planted around the audio terminals.
3:30 p.m. Un paradis pour un parc de stationnement (A paradise for a parking lot)/General public/Micro-garden at the outer limits of Collège Montmorency parking lot

Accompanied by artist Deborah Margo, you can admire an improbable garden created from plants donated and then planted by Laval residents, transforming a hostile space into a small urban oasis.
General public/Pulsations/General public/Front square

Accompanied by an artistic mediator, experience a sound installation by the artistic duo Scenocosme in the heart of a tree! By hugging the trunk or pressing your ear to it, you can hear and feel a vibration, a breath, similar to a heartbeat. A sensitive, organic, soothing experience that reconnects humans with nature.


11 a.m. Family workshop around the works Pulsations and Exercice de cartographie/General public

Workshop for the whole family around the works Pulsations by the Scenocosme duo and Exercice de cartographie by Nicolas Grenier, with a mediator from the Salle Alfred-Pellan.
2 p.m. Sound walk and family cyanotype-making workshop/General public

With artist Ariane Plante, families will set out to discover material and sound specimens at the Éco-Nature site and capture the visual imprint of their finds using cyanotype, an ancient photographic process.
4 p.m. Round table/General public

Discussion on wetlands, water and shorelines led by co-curator Yan Romanesky, with scientific experts Anaïs Boutin and Louis Tremblay as well as artists Ariane Plante, Steven Orner and Lisa Sfriso.
5 p.m. Presentation of the documentary Au pays des Mille-Îles/General public

In the presence of filmmaker
 Lisa Sfriso, we relive the beautiful era of vacationing on the shores of the Mille-Îles River, from 1945 to 1960, thanks to unprecedented access to the 16 mm archives of the now defunct Club nautique des Mille-Îles.

Scenocosme, Pulsations, 2013 à aujourd’hui.
11 a.m. Family workshop around the works Pulsations and Exercice de cartographie/General public

Workshop for the whole family around the works Pulsations by the Scenocosme duo and Exercice de cartographie by Nicolas Grenier, with a mediator from the Salle Alfred-Pellan.
2 p.m. Walk/discussion on the theme of arboriculture/General public

Accompanied by curator Marie Perrault, horticulturist Meagan Hanna, forestry engineer Daniel Boyer, Canopée conservation and development advisor Carole Garceau and artists Ross Racine and Boris Pintado, we discuss our natural heritage and discover the arboricultural spaces of the Centre de la nature’s large urban park, an example of land redevelopment that offers Laval residents an oasis of greenery and flowers.

2 p.m. Guided tour and launch of the publication/General public

Curator Marie Perrault and co-curator Yan Romanesky offer a tour of the exhibition, exploring the artists’ approaches to the theme of binomial suburbanity and nature. Here’s your chance to discuss the works and the theme of the Triennale.

3rd EDITION: JULY 31 – OCTOBER 30, 2022
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