Shaye – “Silver Civic”

In 2002 at the urging of then EMI President, Deane Cameron, Damhnait Doyle, Tara MacLean and Kim Stockwood came together to form Shaye. They then went on to release two records, win numerous awards, and receive crazy amounts of airplay. While the band broke up in 2017, the friendship that drew them together to form Shaye has not waned.

Their rendition of Charlotte Cornfield’s “Silver Civic” can be streamed now. As well, the lyric video is now available to watch.

From the band:

We wanted to record a song to mark the 20th anniversary of the band. We spent weeks listening to dozens of amazing Canadian songs. Finding consensus is never easy with a band but one day while we were on Zoom, reviewing our shortlist yet again, Damhnait looked out her window and saw Charlotte Cornfield walking down the street.

The universe sealed the deal.

Charlotte’s Silver Civic spoke to us equally and we wish we wrote it.

That heartbreak where you see the person you love everywhere, in everything.

We wanted to take people on that journey of loss and longing with us.

Now every car we see is a silver civic!

Thank you for listening.


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