Row 19 – Blu-ray Edition

Horror on a plane. A perfect setting in that once the bad stuff begins there is nowhere to escape to. You are trapped! A good start. But a good start does not necessarily a strong movie make.

A doctor named Katerina and her young daughter take an overnight flight together. The plane they are on is only about half full. Suddenly the plane is caught in a bad storm. Going from bad to worse, a couple of the passengers die in horrific ways for unknown reasons.

Katerina (Svetlana Ivanova – The Blackout) begins to suspect that maybe a nightmare she used to have as a child is back and the evil force is seeking blood.

This is a Russian film that has been dubbed into English. That is not the problem here. The two main problems are the acting by the cast and the inconsistencies in the story or the way it is presented. The big twist is really annoying as it makes no sense whatsoever.

As for the horror aspect, there are some scary or tension-filled moments to be found here. But not enough to please serious horror fans.