“Happy With Me,” is a powerful protagonist anthem, throwing caution to the wind and believing without a doubt that you got the better end of the stick after the breakup. 

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Sara’s words:

Happy With Me” is a cheeky song, because I was the one broken up with! So in reality, he was probably fine. But that’s what I love about songwriting, it’s a fun way to channel your emotions and process how you’re feeling. 

I wrote this track with my friend and frequent collaborator, Tally Margulies, who challenged me to let loose and take a playful approach. The song features production by DJ Coco

The video for “Happy With Me” is the first of a four-part series. The main character appears in her own fantasy world, complete with dancing jokers and a wedding scene. 

At times, this song was a tough one to write! Although it’s upbeat and fun, there is still an undertone of sadness and resentment. 

I was hopeful that my ex and I would get back together, so a lot of what I was writing at the time had an undertone to it that everything would work out.