Boite à Musique is moving

30 years of history at 2222 Ontario East

La Boîte à musique (BAM), where it all began for a multitude of Quebec artists, musicians and bands, is undergoing a major rejuvenation process. Located at 2222 Ontario Street East for 30 years, the BAM is moving its offices to Cité 2000 and will be ready for the new school year.

BAM is as much about memories as about the work of the early career for several generations of musicians since 1955, but more specifically since the establishment of studios in the building of 2222, three decades ago.

A vision, choices to make

The COVID-19 pandemic and the right of first refusal imposed by the City of Montreal were the triggers for a profound reflection. The entire entertainment industry is facing major challenges: a shortage of labour and equipment, not to mention the loss of revenue over the past two years. The industry knows that getting back to normal is going to take a long time.

“The management chose to sell the building to better jump in the future. We had to rethink and reposition the company and develop new opportunities using our strengths, talents, skills, experiences and expertise”, explains Steve Marcoux, President of BAM. With this move, the BAM has to make some difficult choices, including putting on pause its rehearsal studios from July 15. However, BAM is moving to a location where there are many rehearsal studios.

«Our choice is strategic, since we are getting closer to a larger pool of musicians and those who rehearse with us will find a new family. It’s a win-win», mentions Mr. Marcoux.

If some projects take a break, musicians and producers can still count on the shop and rental division that is settling in the Cité 2000, with its offer of instruments and musical accessories (backline), vinyl and CD as well as artists’ goods (t-shirts, caps and other promotional material).

Set up in 2018, Bam&Co also remains in the game. Thus, the music and entertainment production division of Boîte à musique G.L. inc. will even develop other subdivisions in the near future, such as Bam&Co Heavy (Anonymus, B.A.R.F., Nova Spei, Dizzygoth and Trash la Reine); a division dedicated to metal and punk music.

Bam Concerts is the newest addition to the BAM family. It is an NPO whose mission is to promote culture and contribute to the influence of emerging/marginal/alternative artists. It produces and broadcasts concerts and multimedia content around the world. But more than that, it offers training and tools to help artists develop in a professional context (management, production, promotion, marketing and technical), while providing a network of local and international resources.

«Bam Concerts wants to bring people together. We will organize events for musicians and help them to position themselves in the cultural arena», says Mr. Marcoux.