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A Coffee in Berlin
A film by Jan Ole Gerster

Jan Ole Gerster’s wry and vibrant feature debut, which swept the 2013 German Oscar Awards, paints a day in the life of Niko, a twenty-something college dropout going nowhere fast. Then on one fateful day, through a series of absurdly amusing encounters, everything changes. Shot in timeless black and white and enriched with a snappy jazz soundtrack, this slacker dramedy is a love letter to Berlin and the Generation Y experience.
Maya Da-Rin: Two Films
A film by Maya Da-Rin
 Large boats navigate the Amazon River daily, transporting people, animals and goods. This film portrays one of these trips, starting at the border of Brazil and Colombia to the Peruvian city Iquitos. During two days and three nights, passengers of different nationalities share their impressions of a varied territory which is in constant transformation. Margin reveals the intertwining cultures present in this unique triple border region as time slowly goes by.
A film by Maya Da-Rin
On the triple frontier between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, the twin towns of LetТcia and Tabatinga form an urban island surrounded by the Amazon rainforest. Following the ordinary events and the constant come and go of people along the border, Lands portrays the presence and the influence of the frontier on the lives of its inhabitants.

Black Out
A film by Arne Toonen

If Guy Ritchie made The Hangover in Amsterdam, it might look something like Black Out, an audacious crime thriller laced with colourful lowlifes, tough femmes fatales, corrupt cops, and outbursts of extreme violence. 

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