Maika, The Girl From Another Galaxy

Based on a 1970s Czech series, Maika, The Girl From Another Galaxy is one of those cute family films that not even the Grinch himself could poo poo. Vietnamese director Ham Tran is the person at the wheel of the film and shows that they are a fan of family films from the 80s involving aliens…basically, I mean ET.

A lonely eight-year-old boy living in the city named Hung (Phu Truong Lai) meets an alien (Diep Anh Chu) after a meteor crashes to Earth. She is from the planet Maika and is looking for her friend. The rather gregarious alien helps Hung make some new friends. While he is no longer lonely, Hung now finds himself getting into situations/trouble like never before. Danger seems to be cropping up at every turn.

This is a film that has young people squarely in its crosshairs. That means plenty of youngish humour like farting and over-the-top acting. I mean, at one point someone gets attached by kimchi! All this will have young viewers giggling. For the parents roped into watching this with their kids there will be plenty of feelings of nostalgia and smiles on your face due to all the film’s eccentricities.

Back to the 80s influence…not only does the story seems ripped from films like the aforementioned ET but the special effects in the film look like they are from that time period. Really amateurish. Even though some of the special effects happen in rather modern set scenes like one involving a drone chase or virtual reality. In the end, though, instead of pissing you off, it will endear the film to you even more.

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