Of our many time-worn idioms, few are as consistently on-the-money as “opposites attract.” Recognizing something unrecognizable in another human being pulls us toward them, spurring us to plumb their depths—to an extent. David Myles’ swooning new single, “Mystery,” finds him unpacking his own mesmerization as he comes face-to-face with a potential lover whose otherworldliness piques his curiosity. 

Over a smooth, swinging beat and plaintive pedal steel, Myles makes the case for leaving some stones unturned, letting “Friday night, cheap wine, and neon lights” set the scene for embracing the magnetic tension—between a country boy and a city girl—that’s developing. As backup singers chime alongside the dreamy crescendo, and the night in question drifts out of focus, Myles’ love story reminds us that we never forget the ones who challenge and expand our perspectives.

In the making of his Juno Award-winning instrumental record, That Tall Distance, Myles caught on to a really sweet sound. He wanted to push it further and see if he could incorporate his songs with words into this approach—working on instinct alone. And he approached the lyrics the same way. That’s how the making of his upcoming album, It’s Only A Little Loneliness, came about. Myles went with honesty and immediacy rather than heavily edited and second-guessed. What came of it is a project that reflects his inner world more than any other he’s ever made.