Shae Lane is the indie pop project of the free-spirited Austin-based singer. Born in Washington,
NJ, and recently adopted by the Austin music community, Shae Lane knows the healing value of
music through life changes.

The release of “Let Me In” shows Shae’s commitment to a distinct chill indie pop sound, where
her soft vocals combine with undulating instrumentals and synth beats. With divine feminine
energy, “Let Me In” will put you in a trance you feel in your heart. She sings to the listener over
and over: “Will you let me in?” The track begs for mutual vulnerability.

Raised on classic rock, Shae has been self-taught on acoustic guitar since childhood, alongside
her brother and producer Griffin Moonstone. Shae Lane, Griffin Moonstone and friend Quentin
Thomas Brown (Audio Engineer) all support each other in reciprocal musical relationships,
having collaborated on past projects such as Most Some. Shae’s first studio-recorded single
“Let Me In” is due June 6, recorded at Griffin and Quentin’s co-founded studio, Sample Memory
in Stanhope, NJ.

“Let Me In” is about the strange beginning stage in new relationships, where there seems to be
infinite potential. Shae says, “there’s always this intersection at the beginning of a new
relationship where you have to decide whether or not you want to pursue something. More often
than not, you go separate ways. But every so often, there’s a spark that makes you want to stay
and now you have to leave your destiny in the hands of the other person. It’s a beautiful yet
terrifying vulnerability.”

“Let Me In” is Shae Lane’s third solo single, a natural progression from the hopeful wash of
“Heart’s Desire” and the deep need for a fresh start in “Leave Tonight.” As she wrote “Leave
Tonight,” Shae packed up mid-pandemic to move across the country with her dog, Jameson.
Shae believes that meeting the right person can help you become a better version of yourself.
“Let Me In” explores that pull to a dream person, to whom you are connected by fate. Shae has
been shaped in this magical way with records, too; she is influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Tame
Impala, Clairo, and The Beatles who all embrace creativity with the same light.

Inspired by the similar camaraderie and the welcoming culture at SXSW 2021, for the past year,
Shae Lane has joined the energy of earnest love for music in Austin and practices mutual
support for the sake of spreading good times in this weird world.

“Life is short,” Shae said. She hopes “Let Me In” will help you live in the moment and hold space
for yourself.

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