Yacht Rock Revue Releases Cover of George Benson’s “Give Me The Night” And New Original Song “Float,” on Tour This Summer

Yacht Rock Revue has shared two new singles as they prepare to kick off their summer tour. Today the group has released the new original track “Float” as well as a cover of George Benson’s 1980 Quincy Jones-produced hit “Give Me The Night.”

The songs are available to stream/download here
Listen to “Give Me The Night” on Youtube
Listen to “Float” on Youtube

“‘Give Me The Night’ hits the nostalgia button, but it’s a full-on banger for the modern era, plus it’s really fun to play live,” says YRR singer Nicholas Niespodziani. “We’ve always leaned towards the more danceable aspects of Yacht Rock, dating back to our very early days cutting our chops in the basement. We’ve been enjoying exploring everyone’s multi-instrumentalist skills lately – me and Pete on more guitar, using the Moog and sampler in a live setting, Kourtney on percussion, everyone singing more – and that energy breathes through this track and when we play it live.”

Writing about “Float,” Niespodziani explains “I think a lot about time and place when working on a song for Yacht Rock – when and where do you listen to this song? And how does it make you feel when you do? ‘Float’ is dusk in the pool, feeling the freedom of no plans for the evening. It started off as a hair metal song in a major key and ended up super-smooth and minor, and that pretty much sums up my own personal journey in music. So put that in your sax and blow it.”

YRR is heading back on the road beginning July 1st, crisscrossing the nation for 30 dates this summer that are sure to leave an inoffensive amount of smooth in their wake. From New York City to Los Angeles and pretty much everywhere in between, the 9-piece ensemble will bring their buoyant take on ‘70s and ‘80s soft rock to the masses on a new scale. According to Entertainment Weekly, their shows are “unabashedly joyous affairs.” Tickets are currently on sale here.

“We play Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Toto with the on-stage energy of Van Halen or AC/DC. Actually don’t print that – it’s our secret sauce,” said Niespodziani. 

“This is our first real tour in almost three years, so we’ve got a lot of energy built up,” Niespodziani said. “We’ve got new songs, new old songs, new dance moves… plus all the stuff we do that you already know and love.” This tour hits iconic venues including Fiddler’s Green in Colorado, Wolf Trap in Washington D.C., Pier 17 in New York and two nights of home-field advantage at Chastain Park in Atlanta.

YRR is a genuine touring phenomenon, consistently selling out venues across the country and bringing out their dedicated fanbase (AKA “Anchorheads”) to every show in captain’s hats and boat shoes, ready to raise a glass and sing along with the group. Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly have acclaimed their mastery of the genre and ability to wow concert-goers with their irreverent yet sincere note-perfect renditions of classic hits. Industry trades Pollstar and Fox Business have acknowledged YRR’s impressive box office success writing “While the band may be having fun with the trappings of the Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins era of rock, the business it’s doing is serious.” In 2020, YRR released its first album of original music titled HOT DADS in TIGHT JEANS.

After building an even stronger connection with their fans via multiple weekly at-home streaming shows during the pandemic, the band is ready to melt some faces IRL. “I think the whole world is past-due to get out and f#%king PARTY. And it just so happens, that’s our specialty,” Niespodziani said. Tickets on sale now at yachtrockrevue.com.

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