Canadaland is producing Détours, a first-ever monthly podcast in French hosted by journalist and columnist Emilie Nicolas on news and media.

In the first episode broadcast last May and acclaimed by the public, Emilie Nicolas discussed Bill 96 and the media coverage of the Conservative Party leadership race alongside MP Romeo Saganash. In the second episode, which airs on June 11, the host will discuss the housing crisis across Canada, and media coverage of the Ontario election with Émilie Gougeon Pelletier.

Each episode, Emilie invites a media personality to discuss two hot topics of current affairs and their journalistic coverage. Together, they dissect the news, comment on it and debate it.

Through humour, critical analysis and research, Détours seeks to inform and provoke reflections in its audience. The public can expect to deepen their knowledge of the media and explore the links between the news of the past month and broader social issues.

A very first French-language program for the largest podcast network in Canada.

Détours is Canadaland’s very first French-language program. While taking inspiration from the format of Short Cuts, one of the podcast network’s successful programs, Détours adapts its tone and approach to create a space for dialogue between Francophones and Francophiles from across the country. Emilie Nicolas will make it a program that differentiates itself by its commitment to the representation of diverse regional, linguistic, cultural, and political perspectives in Canada.

Founded in 2013 as a critical media analysis podcast, Canadaland is now one of the country’s leading independent media outlets, with fifteen podcasts to its credit and approximately 780,000 downloads per month. For nearly a decade, Canadaland has been unveiling scoops, uncovering scandals and influencing the Canadian news cycle. Thanks to a network of correspondents that now extends across the country, Canadaland’s eponymous program has grown from a pioneer of podcasting in Canada to an essential source of information for a particularly engaged new generation.

How to find Detours

It is on the main feed of the Canadaland network, where the eponymous show is already broadcast on Mondays and Short Cuts on Thursdays, that Détours is broadcast monthly, on Saturdays.

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