Fireworks @ Tribeca Film Festival

Two-time Academy Award-winner and BAFTA winner Paul Franklin (special effects on films like The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar) has had a long-term relationship with director Christopher Nolan. On films with Nolan, Franklin contributed to the astonishing special effects which were vital to the films. Now his second film behind the camera as director (previously he directed the short The Escape) he brings his eye and skills as special effects producer to his most recent short, Fireworks. Fireworks is screening at Tribeca.

Fireworks was made using groundbreaking technology. It is one of the first films from Britain to be shot entirely with LED Volume. If you are like me, when you read this you are not exactly sure what that means. LED Volume is a new type of set design that is anchored in the use of a combination of LED panels, other digital elements and physical sets. The result is a hyper-realistic and immersive experience for those who watch the film.

All that technology aside ultimately what makes for a good film is a solid story, directing and acting. Here is a short film from the thriller genre that attempts to show how decisions made at the top can trickle down to affect many. The story is a very modern one. It features elements which, as you are watching, you can picture actually happening today. Timely and topical.

An MI6 operation is taking place. The target is on the other side of the world. Gillian (Charlotte Riley – Edge of Tomorrow, London Has Fallen) is leading the London-based Ops and she along with her team are forced to make some difficult decisions. There might be some innocent people caught in the crossfire. An argument about using a drone attack ensues.

A review cannot be written about Fireworks without talking about the visuals and what they contribute to the story. So incredible they make you truly feel as if you are part of the story unfolding before your eyes. The 3D image changes from moment to moment flawlessly.

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