Honour World Refugee Day & anniversary of Canada’s WW1 internment of Ukrainians, June 20-July 4, Run Nawrocki Run!, YouTube

Photo credit: Joyce Valbuena

Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison

Written & performed by Norman Nawrocki

Music by Norman & Vivian Nawrocki

Monday, June 20 to Monday, July 4, 2022

A Ukrainian Canadian WW1 story of courage—dream, resist, escape

Benefit screenings for humanitarian aid for Ukraine & Ukrainian refugees

Oh Canada, land of hope and promise, how you use and deceive us.”– Nestor

Acclaimed Montreal playwright/actor/musician Norman Nawrocki blends Canadian history, emigration, racism, wartime hysteria, Ukrainian folkloric medicinal rituals, music and legend together with family memoire into this compelling tale about hope, courage and resistance. Nawrocki wrote, directed and performs in the play, with filmed appearances by his Vancouver-based sister Vivian. The eye-opening Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison runs from June 20-July 4 on Nawrocki’s YouTube channel. Tickets are free, with donations to Fundacja Folkowisko Foundation gratefully appreciated.

The 40-minute multimedia production brings to light the little-known but shamefully true WW1 incarceration and exploitation of 9,000 mostly Ukrainian Canadian immigrants in forced labour camps across Canada. In Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison, Nestor, an unemployed Ukrainian Canadian citizen, is nabbed by the police, imprisoned and forced to do slave labour in a federal concentration camp near Banff Alberta. Despite the brutal, torturous conditions, he rebels, dreams and conspires to escape. His Baba (grandmother), a folk healer in Ukraine, works her magic to help him. This was Canada’s first coast-to-coast internment operation; June 20 honours the anniversary of its end and is also World Refugee Day

Nawrocki wrote Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison because of all the stories told and untold passed down through his family about the discrimination, suffering, humiliation, deprivation and misery that they endured for decades, simply for being Ukrainian. “I did this play to honour my Baba and my Dido; all the generations of my family, known and unknown. I created this piece to inform and educate the public about this terrible injustice in the hope that people think about not only the past, but also the present and future; the situation of immigrants, migrants, refugees and others, and how we can avoid repeating this violation of fundamental human rights,” he said.

One day we’re citizens living free, and then we’re enemies and aliens. Overnight, everything changes.” — Nestor

The story is particularly personal for Nawrocki. A fan wrote to him after finding his family name on a list of Canadian civilian internees from WW1. After some research, Nawrocki discovered that three distant family members from both his father’s and mothers’ side were imprisoned in Alberta between 1915 and 1920. Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison pays tribute to one of those relatives who successfully escaped from Castle Mountain in Banff National Park, the most inhumane of the 24 internment camps. “I wanted to talk about his courage, his fortitude and his temerity to think about and execute an escape. I salute him, and sincerely hope I have honoured his life as a person of worth, and dare I say, a heroic figure,” said Nawrocki.

The play is also a joyous call to rebellion. Nestor, prisoner of war #158, is inspired and inspires, and despite all the odds, he never loses hope. He demonstrates what’s possible; how to find the courage within us all to work with others for our collective freedom.

The show was filmed live in Montreal’s historic Gaston-Miron Building, with footage from Rawdon, Quebec, Banff and Vancouver. This is the third in Nawrocki’s trilogy of Ukrainian-Polish-Canadian plays based on his own family history, with Ukrainians, Pelicans & the Secret of Patterson Lake and Eviction? Dog’s Blood!! Nick Zynchuk & Montreal’s Red Plateau, 1933.

Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison is written, performed and directed by Norman Nawrocki with music written and performed by siblings Norman & Vivian Nawrocki; videography by Naomi Silver-Vézina; visuals by Joyce Valbuena; sound by Gregory Anderson Smith; and lighting design by James Douglas.

Norman Nawrocki is an internationally acclaimed Montréal-based author, playwright, actor, violinist, cabaret artist, educator and producer. He has written, staged and toured over 20 theatre and cabaret creations since 1986; his original plays address both historical and contemporary issues of social justice. He has authored 14 books of poetry, short fiction and a novel (with translations in French and Italian), and released over 60 albums of music and spoken word, both solo and with his diverse bands. Pre-pandemic he toured Canada, the US and Europe. He also records and performs with his sister as the East European music duo, The Nawrockis. linktr.ee/normannawrocki

Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison

June 20 (7:30 EDT) to July 4 (midnight EDT)

On Norman Nawrocki’s YouTube Channel,

Tickets: Free

Benefit screenings for humanitarian aid for Ukraine & Ukrainian refugees

Donation (with tax receipt) to Fundacja Folkowisko Foundation gratefully appreciated

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