DAGR, the project of two LA-via-TX producer/DJ’s, Ceci G & Veronika Jane, today share their blistering (literally), indulgently fun, club-ready single “Caravan”, featuring Portugal. The Man.

Listen HERE 

Both incredible producers in their own right, working closely with Rebecca Black, Girlpool, King Princess, UPSAHL, Uffie, and more, the two queer-identifying producers are now focusing their attention on creating their own sound as DAGR, playing off of the inherent understanding between them. Ceci and Veronika were born a day apart deep in the Texas suburbs, yet their paths never crossed until they joined forces in a different kind of desert suburbia producing and writing for other artists in Los Angeles – true kismet, DAGR were meant to come together to create these absolute club bangers. 

“Caravan” is a synth heavy, bass slapin, four-to-the-floor relentless record. The duo’s production isn’t meant to make you think: quite the contrary. As John from Portugal. The Man sings, “I take a hit and pass it on,” & a forty-person children’s choir belts “I can do it, you can do it too, we know what to do,” “Caravan” is a much needed release– an invitation to have a good time & just dance your lil heart out. 

Of the song, DAGR says, “Once we got Portugal’s vocal on the song, we immediately knew ‘Caravan’ had to be the first single off. Rock icons in their own right, we’re so excited to feature them in the dance world.” 

Directed by DAGR, Luke Orlando, and Dredge Ops, the video only adds to the chaos. The video was shot at the Santa Barbara Bowl before Portugal’s show later that night complete with a BORING flamethrower and a 6-foot bong. While shooting, Kyle of Portugal. The Man lit his head on fire, Ceci broke her ankle, and Veronika ripped out a fresh eyebrow piercing. “We present to you our cursed fate,” they say with utter pride and unprecedented nonchalance. 

“Caravan feat. Portugal The Man” by DAGR is out now, buy it/stream it here

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