Over the years, indie-pop star Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever songwriting, her music has caught many ears and captured millions of hearts all over the world. Diamond’s last few releases have garnered over 20 million streams worldwide with an additional 16 million on collaborations with the likes of Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA and Tyler Shaw. 

While her sound has always crossed the lines between pop and R&B through her previous projects, she is now diving deeper into the roots of her true inspirations like Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and India Arie on the brand new SaraX EP. Produced by DJ Coco and Gage Brown, SaraX formed organically – inspired by where Diamond was at and what she wanted to share at this point in time. Fun, sexy and full of life, SaraX explores new aspects of the songstress’ personality and emotions. 

Click here to stream SARA X featuring “Not All Fun Is Forever,” the newest single co-produced by Diamond herself.