MUTEK Festival → unveiling of the 23rd edition’s programming! 🔥 August 23 to 28, 2022

The MUTEK Festival: A Full Range of Electronic Emotions
and Digital Sensations to Be Experienced This Summer!

Complete local, national, and international programming for its 23rd edition
All ticket options now available

MUTEK, the international electronic music and digital creativity festival, unveils the entire selection for its 23rd edition, which is celebrating the return of artists and audiences to Tio’ tia:ke/Mooniyang/MontrĂ©al, from all over the world on August 23 to 28, 2022.
A globe-spanning program

Neatly scheduled at the end of August, MUTEK will close out the summer international festival program in the Quartier des Spectacles with an artistic offering that will be cutting-edge and unique in North America. Members of local artistic communities will once again take the stage alongside the most innovative international talents, all while benefiting from the impressive influence that MUTEK provides outside the country through its various branches and solid network of cultural and commercial partners from around the world.

An experiential, urban journey

For six days and six nights, MUTEK festivalgoers will be able to enjoy more than 80 performances in the heart of the city. This year, the Festival will take place in a variety of locations that are all walking distance from one another, to promote a relaxed yet optimized journey of discovery: the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], MTELUS, Place des Arts’ Théâtre Maisonneuve—with the new esplanade Tranquille as its epicentre, which, for the first time, will be home to MUTEK’s free outdoor stage.

A plethora of sensations for all

At each destination, a unique sensory experience awaits spectators of all ages and backgrounds, who will navigate through a multitude of soundscapes and fascinating visual worlds. In total, more than 100 artists from 21 countries will share their know-how and passion for electronic music and digital arts through a panorama of contemporary creativity.

Nocturne| 24_28.08.22 | MTELUS + Society for Arts and Technology
The Nocturne series is dedicated to electronic music’s more rhythmic and enthralling forms of expression and features original, immersive scenography. It’s the best way to dance while satisfying one’s artistic curiosity.
Afriqua US Aquarian CA/DE Azu Tiwaline TN/FR Bendik Giske NO Caro CA Caterina Barbieri IT Cora Novoa ES/CAT Dauwd UK/DE Deena Abdelwahed TN/FR DJ Plead AU Echönymphia & le dĂ©sert mauve CA/QC+CN/QC+FR/QC Edward DE Efe Ce Ele CO/ES GaĂ«lle Scali FR/QC Koreless UK Loraine James UK machìna KR/JP Marina Herlop ES/CAT Mue & Katherine Melançon CA/QC Myriam Bleau CA/QC N/UM US Nicola Cruz EC Nicolas BougaĂŻeff CA/DE Parts Project CA/QC Planetary Assault Systems UK Powder JP RAMZi CA/QC Smerz NO Totalement Sublime CA/QC Whatever The Weather UK
Play | 25_27.08.22 | Society for Arts and Technology
The three nights of the Play series make way for experimentation and highlight the exploratory, visceral, and playful character of contemporary artists in digital art, audiovisual creation, and electronic music.

Ambre ciel CA/QC Automatisme & Marilou Lyonnais Archambault CA/QC Carmen Villain NO Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate CA/US+US Ellxandra CA/QC Gabber Modus Operandi ID Liliane Chlela LB/QC Nahash FR/QC Nik Colk Void UK NSDOS FR Olivia Lathuilliere CA/QC Orphx & Diagraf CA rRoxymore FR/DE T.Gowdy CA/DE Tarta Relena ES/CAT
A/Visions | 26_27.08.22 | Place des Arts’ Théâtre Maisonneuve
At the heart of both A/Visions programs are large-scale, sensory audiovisual creations that merge images, sounds, and technologies. It is the festival’s most essential series and is a wise choice for an epicurean audience in search of novelty and escape.
Cyril Meroni & Olivier Vasseur FR ElĂ­as Merino & Tadej Droljc ES+SI MAQRUH IR/CA Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman FR+CA/QC Push 1 stop & Intercity-Express CA/QC+JP SCHNITT & Gianluca Sibaldi DE+IT
Expérience| 23_28.08.22 | Esplanade Tranquille
Every day from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., the free outdoor stage of the Expérience series guides Montréalers and tourists to the celebratory and eclectic—and a meeting of musical styles. It is a true panorama of contemporary electronic music, and its selection is designed to be accessible to all and serve up stunning memories on the new Esplanade Tranquille.
AGUMA CA/QC CMD CA/QC Cosmic JD CO/CA Djima FR/QC Edna King CA Edward DE EEJUNGMI CA Flandez CA/QC Icky Magdala CA/QC Korea Town Acid KR/CA L.B. Dub Corp UK Louvoyons CA/QC machìna KR/JP Magnanime CA/QC Nixtrove CA/QC Noha IT/QC propulse CA Ramzilla CA/QC SIM CA/QC Sissel Wincent SE SVHS CA/QC The Mugzy & Maam Show CA/QC Tiger & Woods IT Vanyfox PT/QC Victor Bongiovanni CA/QC
Événement spécial| 23.08.22 | MTELUS
As part of a special opening event, MUTEK presents a spectacular audiovisual collaboration that features a musical performance by renowned artist Max Cooper, as he conducts a 3D light field developed by the UK design collective Architecture Social Club.
Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club UK prĂ©sentent Aether