Prison King, a new simulator/adventure game inspired by Thief and Shawshank Redemption! The game will be available on PC in 2023. Wishlist on Steam and watch the trailer below. 

Sentenced for innocence… And now you need to learn how to survive. Navigate the prison life, make deals with guards and gangs alike, manage and sell contraband, and plot your next move. Your goal: to get out.

Survive your sentence in this first-person simulator set behind the prison bars, from the producers behind Drug Dealer Simulator. Get into the prison politics, make deals, dig for useful intel, negotiate with the guards and prove your worth to everyone watching.

Become a reliable prison dealer and make your fellow inmates dependent on you. Use your connections to obtain contraband, manage the stock and sell it to your fellow convicts. Carve up your own position and climb to the top, ensuring your safety.

One thing still doesn’t let you sleep at night – you’re innocent! And you need to get out of this hellhole. How? Collect evidence to prove your innocence. Or make a brilliant plot to escape! It’s your decision to make.

Deal your way out of prison! Prison King is planned to release on PC in 2023.


  • Manage and sell contraband to other prisoners;
  • Customise your prison cell;
  • Make deals with prison gangs and guards;
  • Discover different endings.

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