A few hours before celebrating her wedding at her father’s ranch, bride-to-be Laura (Jazmin Stuart) goes for a walk alone and stumbles upon an unusual party at a young neighbour’s house. The music and the atmosphere take her away from her own tensions for a moment until a violent act drastically changes the course of the night. Soon her father Leon (Gerardo Romano) and boyfriend Daniel (Esteban Bigliardi) become part of a plan for revenge. Directed by Diego Fried and Federico Finkielstain.

Director: Diego Fried 
Co-Director: Federico Finkielstain 
Production Martin Aliaga, Roxana Ramos 
Writers: Diego Fried, Nicolas Gueilburt, Luz Orlando Brennan  
Editor: Mariana Quiroga 
Cinematography: Santiago Racaj  
Art Director: Soledad Guerrero 
Costume Design: Gabriela Varela Laciar  
Sound Design: Martin Grignaschi, Lucas Page 
Sound Mixing: Lucas Meyer 


Jazmin Stuart… Laura 
Gerardo Romano… Leon 
Esteban Bigliardi… Daniel 
Lautaro Bettoni… Gabo
Gaston Cocchiarale… Maxi 

Website:  www.outsiderpictures.us/movie/the-august-virgin