Cinemania unveils a series of free screenings in Montreal parks this summer

The CINEMANIA Film Festival has unveiled a series of free screenings that will take place in the city’s parks this summer. Popular hits, award-winning and critically acclaimed films, all from the last edition of CINEMANIA, will be presented at 11 screenings in 9 Montreal venues. The selection of the films set to be screened in the month of July is out now. The August projections will be announced soon. 

Thursday, July 14| MARCHER SUR L’EAU by Aïssa Maïga
Parc Molson 

In northern Niger, the village of Tatiste, a victim of global warming, is fighting for access to water. Every day, fourteen-year-old Houlaye, like other young people, walks miles to fetch water, essential to village life.

Produced by the CinĂ©ma sous les Ă©toiles of Funambules MĂ©dias, in collaboration with CINEMANIA.

Wednesday, July 20 | UNE VIE DÉMENTE by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni//Mel Hoppenheim Audience Award at the 27th edition of Cinemania
Parc Jean-Brillant

Alex is the son of Suzanne, an elegant and charismatic sixty-year-old, director of a contemporary art centre in Brussels. But she begins to lose her mind and behave inconsistently. One day, at the neurologist’s house, Alex understands what is going on: she has contracted a fatal neurodegenerative disease.

In partnership with the Borough of CĂ´te-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, as part of the CinĂ©ma CDN Ă€ la belle Ă©toile

Thursday, July  21| MEMORY BOX by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige//National Bank Outreach Award

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park

In Montreal, on Christmas Day, Maia and her daughter Alex receive a mysterious package from Beirut. Inside are notebooks, cassettes and photographs, a whole correspondence, that Maia, aged 13 to 18, sent from Beirut to her best friend who had gone to Paris to flee the civil war. Maia refuses to face this past but Alex secretly immerses himself in it. She discovers between fantasy and reality, the tumultuous and passionate adolescence of her mother in the 80s and well-kept secrets.

In partnership with the Borough of CĂ´te-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, as part of the CinĂ©ma NDG Ă€ la belle Ă©toile

Thursday, July 21 |  UNE RÉVISION by Catherine Therrien // Opening film of the 27th edition

Théâtre de Verdure
A philosophy teacher at a CĂ©gep, generally appreciated by his students, sees his values questioned when he crosses the path of Nacira, an applied student, of Muslim faith.

A presentation of the RĂ©seau Plus in partnership with the Théâtre de Verdure and CINEMANIA

Thursday, July 28 |  ILLUSIONS PERDUES by Xavier Giannoli/ Closing film of the 27th edition and winner of 7 Césars including Best Film
Théâtre de Verdure

France, 1800s. Lucien, an unknown young poet, leaves his native province to try his luck in Paris. Left to his own devices, he discovers the backstage of a world dedicated to the law of profit and pretense. A human comedy where everything is bought and sold, literature as the press, politics as feelings, reputations as souls. He will love, suffer, and survive his illusions.

A presentation of the RĂ©seau Plus in partnership with the Théâtre de Verdure and CINEMANIA

The 28th edition of CINEMANIA will take place from November 2 to 13, 2022.

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