On the 3rd Day on Shudder

While trying to get away from an ex who was abusive, Cecilia (Mariana Anghileri – Kryptonite) and her son Martin (Octavio Belmonte – first film) get into a car accident. Three days after the accident, Cecilia wakes up in a basement somewhere and then is taken to a hospital. Her ex is asking where their son is.

Once out she wanders along the road looking for her son. She has no memory of what happened. While trying to get to the bottom of things, she discovers some similarities between what happened to her and other cases the police investigated.

These cases seem to involve some sort of merciless hunting. Soon, Cecilia becomes involved with a man of the cloth. It seems that he might be responsible for the deaths. She believes him to be unhinged while he thinks she is his enemy.

A poorly constructed film in which the only reason to take the time to watch it is the admirable performance by the lead actress, Mariana Anghileri. She puts her full effort into attempting to elevate the scattered storyline to the level of her turn as Cecilia. But alas, it is all for naught.

It is rather disappointing that what was being attempted here was not pulled off as religious/devil-based/exorcism horror is one of my favourite sub-genres in the horror film world. Nothing here is scary because it is such a mess. One that is difficult to even get a handle on. There is no rhyme or reason for the way the characters behave. A rather frustrating watch.

The mess of the direction and storyline is compounded by really jittery editing. It is rather jarring. No smooth transitions from scene to scene. Truly feels like someone with no editing experience did it.

On the 3rd Day could have worked if director Daniel de la Vega (Dead End) would have recognized that he had a b movie on his hands. If he had leaned into that it might have at least been entertaining.

The final disappointment is that the film is brought to us by horror fan and master, Guillermo de Toro, or his production company, at least. On the 3rd Day is certainly not up to his standards.

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