Boomerang – Blu-ray Edition

If the 80s saw the rise of Eddie Murphy to the top of the stand up and comedic actor pile then the 90s signalled his descent. And oh how the mighty fell. What he had built up with films like Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, Coming to America and 48 Hrs, he tore down making poor film after poor film in the 90s. Films like The Distinguished Gentlemen, Harlem Nights, Another 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop III, and Boomerang. Murphy made too many films back to back to back, became mostly a one trick pony and seemed to have no quality control person looking out for him.

Boomerang was not a good film in 1992 when it came out and definitely has not aged well. Plenty of the jokes and dialogue are offensive to today’s ears. Here we get a kind of battle of the sexes where a womanizer seduces woman after woman but when the tables are turned and a woman (played by Robin Givens) treats him as he has treated women, Marcus (played by Eddie Murphy) doesn’t like it one bit. Will this lesson come in time for him to change his behaviour and find true love?

Billed as a romantic comedy, there is nothing romantic here and precious little funny. The superficiality and stereotypes will tire even the biggest Eddie Murphy fans.

One of the few interesting things about the film is the supporting cast. First of all the well known actors/actresses are so very young here! It is fun to see early films with Halle Berry, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. Also fun seeing Grace Jones take the piss out of herself and Earth Kitt take on a rather risque role. You also get some David Alan Grier, Tisha Campbell and Geoffrey Holder.

Another good point is the music in the film. Enjoy tracks by hot 90s acts like Boys II Men, P.M. Dawn, Johnny Gill, Toni Braxton, and Babyface.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Commentary by director Reginald Hudlin
  • Extended and deleted scenes with director’s commentary:
  • Thanksgiving at Marcus’ Place
  • Strangé’s Arrival at the Dinner
  • Bony T Asks Marcus About Sex with Jackie
  • First Dinner Between Jackie & Marcus
  • Dinner Between Gerard & Angela

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