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The Sorrow and the Pity
A film by Marcel Ophüls

From its first release at an underground theatre in Paris, this account of France’s occupation under Nazi regime has been acclaimed as one of the most moving and influential films ever made. Director Marcel Ophüls interviewed the residents of Clermont-Ferrand who remembered the occupation, as well as government officials, writers, farmers, artists, and German veterans. Here, in their own words, is the story of how ordinary citizens and leaders alike behaved under military siege.

A triumph of on-the-ground filmmaking, The Sorrow and the Pity remains gripping, appalling, and exhilarating.

OVID SVOD Exclusive!

The Troubles We’ve Seen
A History of Journalism in Wartime
A film by Marcel Ophüls

One of the most important films of director Marcel Ophüls’ career is also his least seen, facing backlash time and time again for its questions about the role of media during crises. Shot primarily in Sarajevo during the 1993 siege, this 230-minute documentary interlaces frontline footage with caustic references to Hollywood depictions of war, alongside interviews with some of the world’s leading journalists, newscasters, and historians.

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Dance Camera West 2022
Three Programs!


OVID is proud to present the entirety of this year’s Dance Camera West Festival! This selection of films ranges from documentaries to experimental shorts. Dance Camera West (DCW) aims to foster groundbreaking talent and to encourage new work in the area of dance film by supporting its creation, presentation, and distribution. Many of the filmmakers are female, and artists of colour, as dance film has long been a place of inclusion for those not represented in the traditional film world.

DCW presents an annual international festival held at renowned arts venues throughout Los Angeles, as well as informative and educational events throughout the year in person and virtually, to bring dance beyond the stage through the language of film. Enjoy!

Documentary Shorts Program
Four films, 75min
Featuring behind-the-scenes, rehearsals, and personal stories of the artists we often only see on stage. Learn how dances are made from the people who make them. As COVID shutdowns forced dancers to take time away from performing, they used the time and space to create introspective films about their art to continue speaking to their audiences.
Experimental Shorts Program
Thirteen films, 150min
 Features short experimental dance films from Canada, U.S., Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom.
Mentorship Films Program
Five films, 33min
DCW received a NEA grant to mentor BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists. The participants were shortlisted from the three local dance festivals BLACKTINX, LA Dance Festival and REDCAT’s NOW Festival. The goal is to identify films that have the potential for a strong cinematic impact on the choreography and to strengthen the “production value,” by partnering them with experienced, skilled dance filmmakers who act as mentors. DCW is a producer on the project and left all artistic decisions up to the teams.

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